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When it comes to filing your taxes the rules and regulations are complicated and convoluted.....

Compliance and Monitoring

Remaining current and compliant with tax deposit and filing requirements will save you money on penalty...

Tax Resolution

Taking on a collection case alone can be overwhelming and time consuming. We have 50+ years of.....

Book Keeping

Staying on top of bookkeeping while managing the day-to-day operations is difficult for many business owners.....

Our Clients Mean The World To Us

Our clients’ problems are our problems, their goals become our own. We treat each of them like family and take tremendous pride in their success stories.

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Lucas Turner
Ashley Clark Designation

Laressa Tuggle with El Dorado Tax Solutions is extremely professional and responsive! My husband and I live in Virginia and even with the time difference she is always available to discuss any questions we have. El Dorado Tax Solutions helps my husband and I with our personal tax and our small business taxes. We highly recommend this company!

Simon Hernandez Designation

Friendly and very courteous.. the staff goes above and beyond to assist with your needs when possible.

Ron Broadrick Designation

Kennedy was very helpful and extremely professional in her help with our issue. I would highly recommend this company.

Troy Nelson Designation

Hard to know where to start. El Dorado Tax Solutions really saved us. We were in a tight situation and had been dealing with another company who wasn't getting anything done. We switched to El Dorado and they had the situation under control almost immediately . They are so professional and reasonable. They are genuine caring people and that not only is comforting to their clients, but goes a long way when dealing with IRS agents. We can't say enough good things about what they have done for us. They really came through and saved us. Thank you El Dorado.

Kathy Albertson Designation

These folks showed so much care and concern for my IRS problem. They are able to quickly resolve the issues that I couldn't resolve on my own. Thank you for taking this weight off of my shoulders!

Gini Grace Designation

I have been represented by El Dorado Tax Solutions since their inception and even for several years before when Rollie and Sara were with another firm. I have always received excellent service in everything that they have done for my firm and myself. They are always prompt with responses and on top of all my needs. I wouldn't trust anyone else. The are the best!

Michelle Yeomans Designation

This company is AWESOME! They have helped us get our business back on track and handle all the issues with IRS! I would highly recommend using this company!

Taylor Oboyle Designation

El Dorado helped me get all my taxes in order and submitted within the first month. Settled my debt for a fraction of the cost and helped me get set up on an affordable payment plan with the IRS. Their fees are cheaper than anyone else I've tried to work with and they are quick and reliable! Thanks El Dorado!

Joelb29 Designation

Rollie and his team have consistently gone above and beyond what's required to make sure I get the best response in a timely manner from the powers that be. Thanks for all of your help!

Dakota Vogel Designation

They are very knowledgeable and professional! They helped me with everything that I needed and more. I would highly recommend them.

Jeffrey Lazzio Designation

Was recommended by a mutual friend very professional and yes I would recommend them to anyone thank you again Jeff

Sabrina Hurtado Designation

I'd been dealing with an extreme tax issue for quite awhile before finding El Dorado Tax Solutions. Within the first phone consult with Rollie I'd already learned more than I had over the years with the other firm we'd been working with. I appreciate the confidence Rollie has with the work he's doing with us. When you feel like you're in a hopeless situation, you can rest assured you're in good hands with El Dorado Tax Solutions.

Debra Singletary Designation

Hello United States and beyond , nobody ever wishes to get into a situation that is hard to get out of? But if it happens you definitely want El Dorado Tax Solutions to help you have a peace of mind. If any of you are Tom Cruise fans? ok you get my point the Mission that seems impossible for you? El Dorado Tax Solutions has the remedy come on give them a try.

Kevin Sonneborn Designation

I can't say enough good things about El Dorado Tax Solutions. They have exceeded my expectations. Very professional, very efficient and timely with their responses. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services

Julian Buck Designation

I found myself in very difficult Tax situation and between Sean and Rollie knowledge and expertise they got me through! EL DORADO TAX SOLUTIONS ARE THE BEST

Larry Stamper Designation

El Dorado Tax Solutions has been extremely tactful and professional for my company. I highly recommend El Dorado Tax Solutions. If you use their services, I promise you'll never go anywhere else to represent you or your business. They truly are the best in the business!