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Tax Resolution

Tax Resolution

Taking on a collection case alone can be overwhelming and time consuming.  We have 50+ years of experience in negotiating with the taxing authorities.  Our knowledge and experience helps to ensure the best possible solutions for our clients.  Recognizing each of our clients unique set of circumstances, we tailor-fit solutions to our client’s needs.

Installment Agreement

Taxing authorities are trained to establish aggressive repayment terms, which are often not feasible for you financially. We can negotiate sustainable repayment terms based upon your unique financial condition.

Offer in Compromise

Settlement calculations are complex, and one mistake can cost you thousands of dollars. We’ll ensure you qualify for maximum savings.

Penalty Abatement

You’ve noticed, a large portion of your tax debt is penalty and interest. We can determine if you qualify for penalty abatement and negotiate for you, so you only pay what is due.

Levy Release

Nothing is worse than waking up to find your bank account has been frozen by a taxing authority. We pride ourselves in negotiating release of levy and getting our clients’ money back.

Garnishment Release

Is a taxing authority garnishing a portion of your paycheck? We can help you get it released and explore better solutions.

Lien Withdrawal

Tax liens attach to your property and can prevent you from buying or selling property. Tax liens can also have a negative impact on your credit. You may qualify for withdrawal of the lien, and we can help.

Certificate of Discharge or Subordination

Is a lien preventing you from selling or refinancing property? A Certificate of Discharge or Subordination can help get you to closing. We help are clients negotiate these certificates as quickly as possible to avoid interruption.

Innocent or Injured Spouse Relief

Are you being negatively impacted by your spouse’s outstanding back taxes? We can help you determine if you qualify for Innocent or Injured Spouse Relief.


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